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The students of the NDCC are those from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Working in partnership with the Bahir Dar Women’s and Children’s Affairs Bureau those in need are offered a place at the Centre. A student’s personal circumstances,  family background and living conditions are evaluated with additional input from their school teachers.

Unfortunately the number of students who are in need of such support is currently much higher that there are places however it is hoped that in the near future the Centre will soon be able to offer more places.

New uniform

Once the students join NDCC, they must demonstrate a continued dedication to their studies and attendance both at school and the centre is closely monitored.

Private Study

The students are also enthusiastic about helping the community and have carried out activities such as tree planting in conjunction with the local council.
Planting Trees
It is also very important for the Centre help generate it own income so that the project can work towards being self sustainable. The Centre has hosted traditional dinners, where students are waiters and waitresses, perform traditional music and dance, and sell the crafts they have made to raise funds for NDCC.  We are extremely proud of their optimism, determination and talent.