Grant Thornton visit NDCC

In November the Centre was visited by 8 volunteers from Grant Thornton International Ltd. The group were extremely busy prior to their visit raising funds and preparing themselves for a two week visit where they shared their time between the NDCC and The Grace Centre (also in Bahir Dar). During their visit they worked with the students teaching them IT skills and helping them with their English and Maths. They built a study hut, organised an evening Ethiopian culture and ran discussion and debating sessions sharing knowledge and experiences that students and visitors alike found very interesting.



As well as the work that they completed at the NDCC the group were extremely helpful to the Grace Centre where they painted the buildings, repaired play equipment, helped with the resurfacing and tiling of a hall at the Centre and spent time supporting the Grace employees and the children who attend daily. Both the NDCC and The Grace Centre are very grateful to the volunteers from Grant Thornton for all that they achieved during their visit.

Grant Thornton blog.