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How you can help

The New Day Children’s Centre is funded by the many generous donations we receive throughout the year. Since 100% of all donations goes directly to the project in Ethiopia we are able to keep the cost of the project minimum.


How is the money used?

The Centre aims to support disadvantaged students in such a way that they are able to complete their education and find employment. In general there are three categories of students the NDCC supports:

1) Students who are at school receive 3 meals a day, accommodation is found for those who have been living on the street, all school materials, additional English tuition and health care. They have the use of the Centre to study and to socialise with their friends.

2) Students who have graduated from school and who have continued on to university receive a monthly maintenance allowance to cover their living costs – clothes, books etc. They also receive a travel allowance enabling them to travel back to Bahir Dar during their vacations.

3) Students who have graduated from school but who have not continued on to university are given support in finding employment. The Centre works hard either to find suitable employment or to assist individuals in setting up small businesses of their own. For example one hair dressing student now runs her own hair salon.