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Man United Donate Shirts

Manchester United kindly donated a number of brand new football shirts to the New Day Children’s Centre. 10 lucky students received a shirt each as a reward for their hard work during the Centre’s summer programme. A huge thanks to Man United for their generous donation.  

Semachew Wins Gold

Semachew, one of the first students of the New Day Children’s Centre and who is now in his first year at university studying computer engineering, recently took part in the All Ethiopian Youth Para Games held in Sheshamene, southern Ethiopia. Semachew won gold in both the 100m and 400m events. He will be competing next in the Ethiopian National Games that will take place in Bahir Dar next January.  

NDCC Buys Bajaj

Thanks to the kind donation from the Ana Leaf Foundation the NDCC has been able to buy a Bajaj – a small taxi that is widely used in Ethiopia. Also the donation has paid for three students – Abera, Wobalem and Worku – to complete their Bajaj training and they have now each passed their driving test. These three students will now drive the Bajaj as a taxi in Bahir Dar and the profits will be shared… Read More »NDCC Buys Bajaj

VSO Volunteers Give First Aid Training

VSO Volunteers Crawford Faulton and Carin Lavalette visited the New Day Children’s Centre to provide students with two days first aid training. As part of the summer programme the first aid training gave the students the opportunity to learn and practice valuable first aid skills. “The students were excellent,” said Crawford, “and it is interesting to know how much they already knew. The difference between traditional Ethiopian first aid and what we might do in… Read More »VSO Volunteers Give First Aid Training

Health Training Week

Now that the students at the New Day Children’s Centre are on their summer holiday the Centre has put together a programme of activities and workshops for the students to enjoy. During the first week the Bahir Dar Youth and Counselling Service. The students completed a 5 day workshop learning and discussing a range of topics such as HIV/Aids awareness, general health issues, family planning and sexual health. The sessions were extremely well organised with… Read More »Health Training Week

Cooks – New Uniform

The Ana Leaf Foundation kindly donated £5000 for the improvement of the Centre and for income generation activities. From this money the New Day Children’s Centre bought new uniforms for the cook. Yiteyish   Mulu

Top Students Win Prizes

Stationary kindly donated by Simon and Hollie from Ryton, Tyne and Wear was given as prizes to students who completed the year highest in their year group. The students received calculators, pens, workbooks and pencils. The students wish to thank Simon and Hollie and congratulations to the students for doing so well this year at school