Students Graduate from NDCC

Students Graduate from NDCC

November 28th saw six students graduate from the New Day Children’s Centre. It was a particularly memorable occasion as the Centre was saying goodbye to three of its original cohort who joined the Centre in 2006. Abera, Wobalem and Worku, who recently graduated from technical college, are now working as the drivers of the Centre owned TVS.


The TVS is a small ‘tuk tuk’ style taxi that operate in their hundreds across Ethiopia. Following a kind donation from the Ana Leaf Foundation the NDCC has been able to purchase a TVS for the Centre and Abera, Wobalem and Worku are now the drivers. Taking it in turn not only do they now have an income for themselves but the by renting the TVS from the Centre on a daily basis so the Centre is generating an income too.


Masterwall, Frewonie and Mahalet who joined the Centre in 2008 have also graduated and are now studying at college through a sponsorship scheme funded by the Soroptimists International, Derby.  Now that they are in full time higher education they will no longer be attending the Centre on a daily basis, however the Centre will continue to provide support if they need it.


We wish all these students all the best for the future.