Volunteer William Tubby

William Tubby arrived in Bahir Dar in September 2015. It was not long before Will was teaching the students to spin pass a ‘funny looking ball’ as he taught them how to play rugby. With it still being school and university holidays, the Centre was busy all day and it was lovely to see everyone together. Will and the university students organised the NDCC Games, an event that lasted two days. It was great fun and enjoyed by everyone, with the cooks keen to put in a team and participate. For pictures view this post.


During his time at the Centre Will taught English and maths every day, was an invaluable help around the compound including helping to rebuild the kitchen. He became good friends with all students and was a tremendous help to the staff. He studied Amharic at a local language class and thoroughly threw himself into life in Ethiopia. He has been truly missed by everyone at the Centre and they wish to thank him for all his help and guidance.

Kitchen Rebuild