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Update January 2020

In 2019 five NDCC students successfully graduated from university. We wish each of them every success in the future.

Gashaw Mechanical Engineering, Esthete Water Engineering, Shemelash Electrical Engineering, Abel Civil Engineering, Efrem Pharmacy

Special thanks to the ASEJE (Association Pour L` Education Des Jeunes Et Des Enfants) for their generous donation towards graduation costs.

A Huge Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who made donations this year. The library has been filled with new books, students graduating from primary to secondary school have received new uniforms, so many clothes and bags were donated to the Centre.

Centre Students

Students are working hard every day. They go to their school for half of the day and when they are not at school they come to the Centre where they continue to study. All the students are keen to do well and will always help each other. Currently the Centre provides support for over 40 students. This includes 3 meals a day, all schools expenses such as uniform, books and stationary. The Centre itself is a safe place for students to spend time where there is a library of books and a small computer centre. Students enjoy working at the Centre as well as spending time together in a caring environment.

Many thanks for your continued support