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Volunteer Oli Adler

In January Oli Adler became the Centre’s latest volunteer and wasted no time in getting involved. As well as teaching English and maths to all the students, fixed equipment and, he has worked closely with Siraw (the counselor) and the board of trustees to help coordinate the appointment of a new manager and the new accountant Walalign. Oli has become yet another member of the NDCC family and the students and staff have really enjoyed… Read More »Volunteer Oli Adler

Apprentice Mechanic

Animut graduated from secondary school last July and during his final year, unbeknown to anyone at the Centre, he had been volunteering his spare time at a local garage. Before and after school Animut would help out at the garage working on all kinds of vehicles. Last September, the owner of the garage, empressed by his enthusiasm and committment, agreed to hire Animut as an apprentice mechanic. Finding employment can be extremely difficult and we… Read More »Apprentice Mechanic

Volunteer William Tubby

William Tubby arrived in Bahir Dar in September 2015. It was not long before Will was teaching the students to spin pass a ‘funny looking ball’ as he taught them how to play rugby. With it still being school and university holidays, the Centre was busy all day and it was lovely to see everyone together. Will and the university students organised the NDCC Games, an event that lasted two days. It was great fun… Read More »Volunteer William Tubby

Star Students 2015

Following a generous bequest the Stephen Darroch fund has been established to reward students each year for their hard work and progress both at school and at the Centre. Last year’s top achievers received their awards in September. Kefale was recognised for his help at the Centre, Fantaye for her achievements in English and mathematics and Yediniku for imrovement in English.

The Line Up Aug ’15

Students line up at the NDCC for summer photos With our new students standing proudly at the front all the NDCC students line up for their annual photos. To see them one by one ……

Grant Thornton visit NDCC

In November the Centre was visited by 8 volunteers from Grant Thornton International Ltd. The group were extremely busy prior to their visit raising funds and preparing themselves for a two week visit where they shared their time between the NDCC and The Grace Centre (also in Bahir Dar). During their visit they worked with the students teaching them IT skills and helping them with their English and Maths. They built a study hut, organised… Read More »Grant Thornton visit NDCC

Summer Activities 2014

During the summer the students have been taking part in a summer programme, helping them to maintain their English and keep them busy in their free time. Working in teams, they have taken part in activities such as raft building, creating drama pieces and mural painting. Raft building – The students were given a small amount of money and bought materials according to what they believed would be best on the lake. Here are some… Read More »Summer Activities 2014

Ryton Ruby Club Donate Shirts to NDCC

Rugy Shirts Donated from Ryton Ryton Rugby Club have donated over 40 rugby shirts to the students of the New Day Children’s Centre. The shirts were brought over by the Ryton2Ethiopia team and given to the NDCC students on the group’s last day in Bahir Dar. NDCC students were delighted.    

New Laptop Lab at the NDCC

Laptops for Students at NDCC Charles Thorp Comprehensive School donated laptops that have meant a new computer room for the students at the NDCC. The laptops will have a range of software installed and will provide the students with the opportunity to practice their IT skills as well as researching topics they are studying at school. This is a fantastic resource for the students and they are all keen to get started.